Deposit Checks from your Phone

Why drive to the bank when you can deposit checks using your smartphone? Simply snap a picture of the front and back of your endorsed check from within the FPCU Mobile app, then click "Submit." It's fast, secure and free!

  • 1 Select "Mobile Deposit" from the main menu
  • 2 Enter the deposit amount and choose your account
  • 3 Take photos of your endorsed check
  • 4 Tap "Submit" to deposit your check
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Send Cash Anywhere

Now you can pay your rent, send your kid money at school, chip in for an office gift, or even collect someone’s share for dinner — without cash or checks. All you need is an email address or mobile number to send or receive money anywhere for free.

  • 1 Select "Send Money" from the main menu
  • 2 Enter your recipient’s email address or mobile number
  • 3 Choose the amount
  • 4 Confirm and tap "send money"
  • 5 We’ll email or text your recipient letting them know they have money
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30,000 Places to Access Your Cash for Free

We’ve made it easier than ever to access your money, thanks to 30,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide. And your FPCU Mobile app can tell you instantly the closest location based on your coordinates or any address or intersection you type in.

  • 1 Select "Locations" from the main menu
  • 2 Search based on your current location
  • 3 Or search by address or zip code
  • 4 View map or get directions
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Never Miss a Payment

Take our powerful bill pay service anywhere and never write another check or miss a due date. Our mobile app makes it so easy with one-time or automatic recurring payments and bills at-a-glance all at your fingertips. No more postage, late fees, or paper bills.

  • 1 Select "Bill Pay" from the main menu
  • 2 Choose "New Payment"
  • 3 Enter an amount, payee and date
  • 4 Confirm and tap "Submit"
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Move Money Anywhere You Need It

Transfer money between any of your FPCU accounts with ease — all with the FPCU Mobile app. Make real-time transfers and get instant access to your money whenever you need it. It’s banking convenience designed to make life easier for you.

  • 1 Select "Transfers" from the main menu
  • 2 Choose which account to transfer money from
  • 3 Enter the amount and account where you want to transfer money
  • 4 Confirm your transfer
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Banking Has Never Been Easier or More Convenient

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